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We started simply as a Facebook Page. Driven by our love of classic cars we posted classic car content everyday, 365 days per year, 10x per day in the form of pictures, videos and written articles.

We've always been focused on the classic car community and giving the people that make it so great - YOU - exactly what you need. We were so pleased to have even 100 fans in the first month, and now 4 years later, we are privileged to have over 750,000. I suppose we must have done something right!

So how did what started as a Facebook page become a community of 750,000 AND the online marketplace that you are looking at now?

Well, on Facebook, everyday, we started to receive questions like "where can I buy fender moulding for a 57 Chevy?" or "I need an engine wiring harness for a 72 Camaro?". We realised that there simply wasn't a place for the community and fans to reliably and cheaply buy EXACTLY what they needed for their classic car. So we're trying to fix that. What we're building on (what you are looking at right now) is what we wish existed from day 1 - a single, overarching online marketplace where the ultimate classic car enthusiast can buy the right parts and cars for the right price. And in addition where they can learn about cars, watch amazing classic car videos, and buy their very own classic themselves!

What you see is like a classic car restoration in progress - it's a working project. We're never finished. We're always working. We're fixing bits, adding new features, or improving old ones all the time. I hope you like what we're doing and thank you for visiting. I hope you stick around.

If you have any feedback please feel free to share it directly with me, I am always interested and you can contact me personally here anytime at [email protected]

Thank You

David Zysblat
CEO, Clasiq

Executive Team


Charlie Rubin

founder & coo

Charlie's dream car is a 68 Dodge Charger signed by Richard Sias

[email protected]


David Zysblat

founder & ceo

David would love to own a Wildcat concept car and take it for a spin down Madison Avenue

[email protected]


Jeremy Birenbaum

creative director

Jeremy wants 1 of every truck in America, his true honey bunny being GMC

[email protected]


Chris McCreadie


The classic I'd like to drive: Medium Yellow Gold Mustang Eleanor...

[email protected]

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