1959 Toyota FJ-25 Land Cruiser Soft Top

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1959 Toyota FJ-25 Land Cruiser Soft Top

Vehicle Details

Engine 3.9 litre Transmission 4 spd manual/2 to 4 wheel drive transfer case, no low range
Mileage Total Miles Unknown VIN 9FJ2512537L
Exterior Color Olive Drab Interior Color Gray Front, Original Faded Black Back
Location Carolina, RI Title Status Clean
Seller MFox Seller Type Private Party

Vehicle History

A very original vehicle from the 50’s is a surmountable task when exploring for a classic.  Finding one that is original is a bit tougher.  Acquiring a 50’s rig that has likely traveled to parts of the world where there are no roads is remarkable.  Now located in the city of Carolina, RI, she is a darling of the dirt road and dusty trail.

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Originally gray, she’s now olive drab, reminiscent of her military upbringing. It’s a no-frills job, designed to look simple and keep Mother Nature at bay. Glass, as in the windshield, is reported as solid and crack-free. Significant is the canvas top. Modeled after one of the few originals, she’s a factory design using very high end German canvas.


To continue the simple theme, there are two front seats in a dark gray, and two rear jump seats, mounted in classic Land Cruiser style above the rear fender wells. Upholstery has wear and a seam or two giving way to age. Rust is reported at a floor pan and the owner has a replacement ready for installation. Dash appears to be original, with the addition of modern radio and added engine management gauges.

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Oh, she’s all Toyota. Remarkably, the 3.9 litre in-line 6 cyl is reported as very likely original. New alternator, courtesy of GM, replaces the era correct 12v generator. Carb has been rebuilt and retains the rare OEM oil bath air cleaner. Transmission is the granny-low four speed manual married to a 2wd/4wd (that’s wd for wheel-drive). Toyota opted to stay tough and simple with just a granny low first gear and not a two-speed transfer case. Remaining running gear is all tough as nails Toyota.


The tough and objective mechanical review of this off-road machine reminds us how tough FJ’s are. She has been used as an off-road entertainer and scratches and little dents are inevitable. The mechanic noted a potential small coolant leak and a very slight potential of an oil leak. Steering components might have wear, but these short wheel-based trucks live a life of adventure. Mechanical operation of the engine and running gear were noted as good. She’s a no-frills tough little truck.

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FJ’s were born from, you guessed it, the Jeep, way back in 1951. Matter of fact the J is indeed for Jeep and Willys really didn’t approve. Toyota then dropped the use of the term Jeep and went with Land Cruiser. The term Land Cruiser was then somewhat ‘borrowed’ from England’s Land Rover. The in-line 6 motor was ‘adapted’ from Chevy’s wonderful 235 cid OHV I-6. In typical Japanese style, they took something very good and made it better. Durability, practicality, more power (than their competition) and even a bit more size created what is now considered to be the best littl’ off-roader manufactured. And with ultra-rarity, the FJ 25 represents an outstanding classic vehicle investment.

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