1965 Ford Mustang

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1965 Ford Mustang

Vehicle Details

Engine 5.0 out of 1986 Vehicle Transmission 3 Speed Manual
Mileage 22,000 (TMU) VIN 5T07C137947
Exterior Color White Pearl Interior Color Turquoise & Off-White Vinyl
Location Port Norris, NJ Title Status Clean
Seller WayneW Seller Type Private Party

Vehicle History

A ‘barn’ find, really more like in the field of Chance City, Virginia, our Owner and restorer brought her home to Port Norris, New Jersey for her reconstruction.  Tons of new sheet metal and loads of elbow grease created a true classic cruiser.  White on white with turquoise and modern 5.0 power makes our Resto -hot a real charmer for highway times.  She indeed comes with a clean, unencumbered New Jersey title in our Owner’s name. 

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Painstakingly rebuilt, new metal includes the entire nose, right rear quarter and new exterior trim. Finished in Pearl white, she shows her classic Pony lines proud and true. Chrome and brightwork are reported as new including the roofline drip rails. Tastefully custom are the grill and taillights. Aftermarket rims and thin whitewall skins finish the sanitary, clean stance of our stallion.


Just simply stunning, she is all OEM vinyl and upholstered off-white and turquoise. Center console is a tasteful addition along with ‘hidden’ stereo. All accessories, window function and climate controls work flawlessly. Glass is reported as excellent. There is slight wear to some aspects like carpet, typical of use, 2,200 miles, after her reconstruction.

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Rebuilt and modified to fit into the early engine bay, our 5.0 litre V8 Ford small block is an era 1986 and is reported to have been built (2013) to near 400 ponies. Behind the modern power plant is a classic 3 speed manual transmission. All remaining running gear is stock and noted as in excellent condition with no challenges after the mechanical review.


The mechanical and cosmetic review was performed by the thoroughly objective Lemon Squad. Items of note were really quite insignificant – slight interior wear and very minor ‘dings’ at the right rear quarter. Mechanically she gets a gold star, and her road test was flawless. The only ‘complaint’ was the lack of modernization like power steering or power brakes, guess we should be happy our reviewer knew how to drive a stick…….. as Orwell might have said “..three petals good, two petals bad…” She was found, after all, on an Animal Farm.

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Pony cars are the pre-eminent power houses of the compact auto word. So much so that even standard coupes garner much attention. Take a classic, add some modern and drizzle a little personal and you’ve touched upon automotive fun. A solid and thorough rebuild means she’ll last for ages. Pearl white with some grand turquoise and you will have a solid remembrance, especially when you can perform. She will not be forgotten after the show.

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