1966 Sunbeam Tiger 1A

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1966 Sunbeam Tiger 1A

Vehicle Details

Engine 260 cid V8 Transmission Borg Warner Super T-10
Mileage 41,104 VIN B382000083
Exterior Color White Interior Color Black
Location LeRoy, NY Title Status Clean
Seller RYacuzzo Seller Type Private Party

Vehicle History

The Descript ‘pride of ownership’ could never be better fit.  Logging over 30,000 miles, lovingly maintained and driven like the genius she is.  Very few modifications, all with a directive, appear on this classic.  Roaring the boulevards of LeRoy, NY, she’s been a summer-time girl of the Apple State most all her life.

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Bright white adorns the exterior. She had a refreshment of paint in 2008. Note the hood, as this is a second, modified but factory correct bonnet. And that scoop is not an air intake but an engine bay exhaust, used to keep things cooler below. She rides on newer radials that are carried by rare, era correct (Dealer optioned) and necessary Pansport wheels. Chrome is era correct and reported as extremely ‘presentable’, but not absolutely perfect.


Refurbished with OEM upholstery, the black vinyl interior is excellent. Most notable is the burl walnut dash (and steering wheel, just safely tucked away behind a cover), a factory option. Carpets are new. Top condition is reported is 25 yrs new! It is just a stunner, this cockpit.

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The purring power plant is the original, numbers matching Ford 260 cid 2 bbl V8. The only modification made is the addition of an electronic ignition. New OEM coils were installed up front. Backing the small block is a Borg Warner T-10 4 speed manual. Owner notes that the hydraulic clutch fluid should be changed. Running gear is reported as all stock. Brakes, disc’s front and drum rear, have been maintained and replaced years back.


“This is a very unique vehicle and is in excellent condition.” Reports Lemon Squad. Noted in the Squad’s thorough evaluation was the need to address the hydraulic aspects to the clutch. Not only does Lemon do a complete mechanical review, they scrutinize the cosmetics. Light wear are noted in the interior, English quality body panel install was identified (they do fit ships very well…..) and minor scratched were discovered in this super condition driver.

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She was born out of the Land if Industry, England, and hybridized by Carroll Shelby using the genes of Ford. Carroll may not have gotten much credit for its creation, but he did get royalties. Cool things grew from the Alpine, the base car, when the Tiger morphed: rack and pinion steering, hydraulic clutch actuation just to name two. This unique Mark I remain with her heritage. Fun fact: Shelby built his first Tiger and titled her the White Car in April ’63, after the Rooter’s Group (manufacturer) approached him. Most were built for the American car market, but Britain sported 6 which were to be used as Police Pursuit vehicles.

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