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    A Guide to 3D Printed Parts: Are They the Future?

    3D printing has played an important role in the automotive industry for many years now, but for the most part its use has been resigned to prototyping. It is a relatively inexpensive way to print 3D models that could improve the manufacturing and fitting process....

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    A Guide to the DMC DeLorean

    The DMC DeLorean is one of the most iconic cars of the 20th century, but it was also a huge flop, remaining in production for just 2 years. This unique car had a lot going for it, including a futuristic design and top-of-the-range digital technology, but pretty much everything else about the car was flawed. Combine this with a high production cost and some behind-the-scenes issues....

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    The Clasiq Guide To New Classics

    The exact time it takes a car to become a classic varies, but the AACA defines a car as a classic when it is over 25 years old. As we advance toward 2020 and beyond, we’ll see a whole new list of cars into the classic car territory. In this guide, we’ve picked out the best cars produced in 1995 which will likely creep up in value as the years go on, becoming iconic classics.....

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    The Clasiq Parts Valuation Guide

    If you’re buying or selling classic car parts, knowing what to pay is crucial. How do you put a price on something that isn't even made anymore? Was it from a best selling car, or was it a rare part from one out of one hundred cars ever made? Ultimately it comes down to how much you or somebody else wants something and of course the laws of supply and demand. In this guide, we’ll try and help you put a price on classic parts and help you pay or sell at a fair price...

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    How To Take The Perfect Picture Of Your Classic When Listing

    The old saying goes a picture speaks a thousand words and never has this phrase been more true than when trying to sell your classic. In the world of online car sales, there are two key things you needs - good photography and a strong description. The most powerful of these being the pictures, so you need to get this right. No prospective buyer will read the first word of your description if your pictures look like an afterthought. You need to grab their attention and convince them to read on. Here we’ll talk about how to take the best quality photographs...

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    The Clasiq Parts FAQ Guide

    The painfully true answer to this question is 'because they can be'. Auto manufacturers often have complex and integrated supply chains that produce parts for specific makes and models of vehicles. The production of these vehicles is well planned, meaning parts for the cars will be produced well in advance and often in very limited numbers....

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    The Clasiq Guide To Chevrolet Classic Valuations

    Here at Clasiq we love classics. We love to drive them and we love to fix them. We’re also very interested in our wallets and knowing how we can save money on parts and spares but we also want to know how much the object of our affections (yes, our cars) are worth now and how much they can be worth in the future. So, as part of our series on classic car valuations, we’re looking at some of our favorite Chevrolets and their current values....

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    The Clasiq Valuation Guide To America's Top 10 Classics

    We wanted to look at what the great US classic car nut was looking for on the web and provide you with a valuation guide to these cars. Obviously, there are thousands of cool cars out there so we looked at the top ten most searched cars in 2018. There’s even data out there which can give you the most searched cars by state but for the purposes of this guide we have combined the data for the whole of the US...

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    The Clasiq Classic Car Value Trends By Country

    When you think Japanese classics, you'd automatically think Mitsubishi and Toyota. But is assumption true or do the Japanese prefer their European counterparts? Auto trends do show that the Impreza, Acura NSX, Supra and MR2 are gaining a lot of attention and fetching a lot of money. In 1994, a red Toyota Supra sold for a whopping $121,000 on the internet, which goes to show that there's plenty of love for the tiny sports car. Then, an orange Supra gained...

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    The Clasiq Guide To Classic Car Value Trends

    The classic car market has evolved over the decades and, like everything, tastes change. The evolution of the market can be attributed to many factors such as geography, politics, engineering, and, of course, economics. In the 1950s, design aesthetics defined manufacturing for many auto companies. Some of the designers whose work that still resonates down the decades include Harley Earl, Raymond Loewy, and Elwood Engel. Furthermore, some cars from as early as 1950, are still being used now...

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    The Clasiq Guide To Future Classic Cars

    Think classic muscle and you will, no doubt, think of the 1960s or ‘70s Mustang, Camaro or a Corvette. These cars have cult status in the American driver's psyche for lots of reasons, they speak to a Golden age of US auto production and perhaps even the American Dream. But these cars weren’t created with the icon status in mind. They were created to serve the arms race between auto companies who wanted middle-class Americans to part with their hard-earned cash. So, what car should you be looking at now which have the potential to become a future classic?

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    The Clasiq Car Valuation Guide

    Putting a price on a classic car is not an easy task.
    If you 're the seller, setting it too high may lead to the car to sit in your garage longer than what 's necessary. There 's a chance that it may not be sold at all. Too low, and you risk selling your precious investment for a song.
    When trying to determine the value of a classic car, factors such as demand and condition come into play. Our classic car valuation guide offers a helpful resource of how you can have any vehicle appraised for its true worth.

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    A Clasiq Guide To Parts - OEM Or Aftermarket?

    If you're like us, you have probably spent a considerable amount of time and money on your search for the perfect classic car to restore.
    Depending on the condition of that car you bought you may need to invest in some parts. The web is full of conflicting ideas on what parts are best to work with and which parts can add value to your vehicle.

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    The Clasiq Insider's Guide To Flipping A Classic Car

    We all like Classic cars, right? Of course, you do, you wouldn’t be reading this or using if you didn’t. But, and here’s the thing, a classic car doesn’t need to be a money pit. You see, according to Hagerty, the average ‘afford-able classic’ has increased in value by around $10,000 dollar in the last twelve years. Not a bad return right? It’s certainly more than you would get than simply keep-ing your cash in the bank. We wanted to give you the inside track on how you can find, and flip, a classic, so we asked some experts, and our community for their advice.

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    Clasiq Car Buyers Guide

    You've seen what they can do in movies like Fast & Furious and TV shows like Fast N' Loud. The thought of owning one sends shivers of excitement down your spine.

    You have the cash and the garage, but are you ready to pick the right classic car? More importantly, do you know how to spot the difference between a classic that's worth every dollar ....

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    The Ultimate Guide To Clasiq Car Restoration

    As you might have guessed all things ‘classic car’ are our passion here at Clasiq. And, not only do we love driving classic cars, we love getting our hands dirty and restoring them too. To this end, we’ve compiled this handy guide on how to go about restoring a classic car along with some handy tips, tricks and things to look out for.....

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