What does Clasiq charge?


Clasiq chargers the buyers a 4.5% commission on the vehicle's final sale price, capped at $4,500, with a minimum fee of $450. This fee is taken automatically at the end of the auction from your registered credit card. 

A charge will be placed on the bidders credit card for a fully refundable deposit of $10 on just their first bid. This is to ensure that should you win the auction we have your credit card details on file.

If the bidder does not win the auction, the charge of $10 will be refunded after the auction has ended.

For example if you buy a car for $50,000, the buyers premium is $2,250. You will have paid a deposit of $10. So final feee you will have to pay will be $2,240. 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch through phone, email or live chat.