Here at Clasiq we love classics. We love to drive them and we love to fix them. We’re also very interested in our wallets and knowing how we can save money on parts and spares but we also want to know how much the object of our affections (yes, our cars) are worth now and how much they can be worth in the future. So, as part of our series on classic car valuations, we’re looking at some of our favorite Chevys and their current values.


Founded by famous race car driver Louis Chevrolet and ousted GM founder William C. Durant on November 3, 1911, the car company has now seen over one hundred years of success in creating awesome cars, so let’s take a look at our top ten.



1. 1983 Monte Carlo SS:


Spring 1983, saw the launch of the Monte Carlo SS by Chevy. This was their effort to reinvigorate their midsize muscle offering to keep them in contention with Ford and others. We think they did an amazing job of it. It came packed with high-performance features such as a 180-horsepower 5.0-liter V-8 fitted with a high-lift cam and low-restriction dual exhaust. Aesthetically It came with a nicer looking front fascia than the ‘83 Chevrolet Monte Carlos.


If you have one of these cars, we’d recommend you keep hold of it. According to Hemmings, average prices have been rising incrementally, and in line with a steady increase in the value of classics since the Mid ’00s, average prices for these cars are around $5K. Some of the rarest examples of these cars, for instance, the ‘86 Aerocoupe could command as much as $30,000 for a low mileage one.


Image Source: @vanguardmotors


2. 1977 Camaro Z/28:


It’s hard to write anything about Chevy and not talk about Camaros. But, it’s not often that you would talk about a 2nd generation Camaro but we think the later 70’s versions don’t get enough mention and we want to redress the balance. The ‘77 Z/28 is simply an awesome car. In just two years Chevy had added almost double the horsepower (185 vs. 105 from the ‘75) and increased the 0-60 speed from 10.9 to 8.6 seconds.


A pristine example of these cars can achieve prices of around $25,000. Like with all classics, mileage, condition, and rarity always plays a part in a valuation consideration and, because a lot of these cars were built, prices can start from as low as $3,000.


Image Source: @1977camaroz28


3. ‘58 Chevrolet Impala:


This car was made famous by the film American Graffiti. The Impala is truly iconic in the world of classic cars. Those lights, those lines...Sure the tech specs won't blow you away (top speed of 97 MPH and 0-60 in 14.7 seconds, since you asked) but owning a car like this isn’t about speed, and what can you really expect for a car that is over 60 years old? An impala is a statement, and that statement is as powerful now as it was in ‘58. We saw a pristine example recently was sold for $64,000, though this car had been completely rebuilt using original parts. In our experience, however, you won’t find a cheaper example than around $10,000 even if they are in need of extensive renovation. Make no mistake these cars will continue to increase in value.


Image Source: @sonic_pix


4. 1967 Impala SS 427:


Sticking with the Impala but moving into the era of ‘flower power’ (and some might say classic muscle) the SS 427 is quite a machine. Only 2,124 of these two-door cars were ever built and out of those only 46 were convertibles. This beast came with 385-hp and an L36 big-block V8 spoke to its sporting credentials. From what we have seen prices start for well looked after models from around $39,000. Given the rarity of these cars, our advice would be if you see one, buy it. Given their scarcity not many come up for sale and such an iconic and special car will always have a fanbase willing to part with significant sums of cash for them.


Image Source: @62falcon.classics


5. 1969 Yenko/SC Chevelle:


Don Yenko created some pretty mean mid-sized muscle cars for the Chevrolet family in the late ’60s. Camaro’s, Chevelles and Novas all got the Yenko treatment but it’s the Chevelle that is the standout piece of muscle for us. Only 99 of the Yenko Chevelle were ever built and, as such, you can imagine what that will do for the price of any surviving versions. The sale of Yenko Chevelle we could find was in 2015 and the car in question went for $275,000. Needless to say, if you come across one of these in a barn, make sure you make it yours. You would truly be able to name your price. The big V8 that Yenko kitted it out with produced 425 hp, making it not only expensive but very, very fast.


Image Source: @escribosketch


6. 1969 Camaro Z11:


The RS/SS was a pace car used for Indy car races, only 3,675 were ever produced and they debuted in 1969. The power in the Z11 came from a V8 that kicked out 375 horsepower and the Z11 topped out at an incredible 140mph. Is it any wonder that it was used as a pace car? The last recorded sale of this incredible Camaro was in 2012 and it went for the eye-watering price of $475,000.


Image Source: @carsknivesguns

7. 1970 Monte Carlo:


This luxury coupe used body pieces from the Chevelle to create something truly unique. It’s got a big V8 and looks that are reminiscent of a coke bottle and it's a formula that allowed Chevrolet to create a winning, not so secret formula too. Marketed as ‘a fine car with a Chevrolet price’ the Monte Carlo outsold it’s Ford contemporary (the Thunderbird) by a ratio of 3-1. Average values for good examples of a Monte Carlo from this era around the $22,000 mark. More pristine and rarer examples can fetch up to $60,000, especially for the LS variants of the Monte Carlo.


Image Source: @firstgenerationmontecarloclub


8. The 1969 Camaro ZL-1:


Only 69 were built under the Central Office Production Order (COPO) 9560. The ZL-1 kicked out 430 hp with the power coming from a meaty V8 which means it is one of the ultimate prizes when it comes to collectors of the Camaro. The million-dollar question with rare, small run cars like the ZL-1 is ‘how much does one cost’? And, a million dollars in the case of the Zl-1 isn’t far off the mark, the last sale we could find was in 2012 and the car raised $450,000. We don’t think the ZL-1 will have gotten less rare in the last seven years, so you do the math.


Image Source: @classiccornergarage


9. 1967 Camaro Z/28:


By ‘67 Chevy needed an answer to the Mustang and boy what an answer this Camaro was. “Clean” and “beautiful” are some of the superlatives that we hear when people describe this car. See, the thing with the Z/28 was that Chevy emphasized handling as well as power which made this Camaro not only fast but also a joy to drive too. Top speed in the Z/28 was reported to be as high as 140mph. This is a respectable top speed for a performance car now but, given that this car was produced 52 years ago is mind-blowing. In terms of the values, a car that is a restoration project would cost you around $13,000 and pristine examples would go for $90,000 +


Image Source: @firstgencamaros


10. 1968 Corvette


No list of Chevy’s would be complete without mentioning the Corvette. The Corvette came in quite a few different flavors but all of them shared the iconic and space-age, rocket style shape. The ‘Vette in this period was like a car from ‘The Jetsons’ meets a sub-atomic rocket. A review from Car and Driver magazine in October ‘68 to us sums up the Corvette perfectly: “The small-engine Corvettes are marginally faster and extraordinarily civilized. The large-engine Corvettes are extraordinarily fast and marginally civilized.” We know not honing down on a specific model of the Corvette makes it hard to give you current values but good examples of less rare models should fetch between $30,000 to $40,000.


Image Source: @vincentproperties

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