Season 1

Now you can watch all 10 of your favorite episodes from Season 1 right here on Clasiq! Focused on everyday stories from your car community we cover all kinds of owners and cars to give you an all round flavor for the amazing people that make it up. Check out the incredible cars we showcase for you, like Barry Weiss's original Lincoln (aka The Scrape) and hear Joe Berman has to say about what it's like to have your first date in a GOAT, or learn how long it takes and what it means to put together a genuine 107 year old car!



Barry has been a car collector, in his own words "jeez since I've been about 15/16 years old" yeh Barry has seen and owned some of the coolest cars on the street. Find out what cars he has owned, what innovation he is tracking in the classic car market these days and hear some great stories about whe oos and aahhs that he gets owning legendary cars like The Scrape! Barry is a down to earth and cool guy who can talk to anyone. That's what we think the car community is all about. Rich or poor we don't care as long as you respect each other and enjoy the cars.



And Barry isn't all you have to look forward to in this EPIC original season! We've got a total of 10 snappy episodes for you focused on stories from the community and a whole range of different people and cars including legendary Vietnam veteran Carl Gutierrez and his M1A1 Jeep or Mustang Sue and her trusted '66.

We always love to hear from you - our community - so if you have any comments on the season or things you would like to see gonig forward please get in touch with us using the contact form on the website OR even better give us a call at 877-202-9124.


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