Season 3: Designer Series co-founder Charlie Rubin viewed a documentary, “American Dreaming”, about two and a half years ago on Detroit’s golden age of auto design, and how the art culture of the time influenced cars of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. Speaking about the film to PBS, Pontiac Design Studio Chief Bill Porter remarked, “The amount of art on the streets that was created at Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler was just unimaginable. There’s never been a culture  in history that had anything like that – not even close.” 


“American Dreaming” was the brainchild of Robert Edwards, an artist and automotive enthusiast. A few months later, Rubin took a trip to Detroit, where Edwards resided with his wife, Julie, also an artist. Striking up a friendship, Edwards was to record a number of stories about the automotive world, its characters, iconic structures, and memorable cars of the era. To the shock and sadness of the entire car community in Detroit, Edwards passed away unexpectedly before filming commenced, bringing their collaboration to a halt. 



Despite Edwards’ passing, our titanic passion for automotive design remained. With the support of Farmers Insurance and that of Edwards’ widow Julie, Clasiq recorded & produced a brand new, never before seen Designer Series focusing for the first time on the artwork and ideas of ten leading automotive designers from GM and Ford. The ten designers in this series need to be heard. They are responsible for creating the most important cars in our great nation’s history: Corvette, Pontiac, Mustang, Buick, Packard to name a few.




The Series focuses on each person’s story as a designer for GM or Ford. Their history, passions, and ideas about car design and life during a golden age. All Americans, Dave McIntosh, George Camp, Vince Geraci, Wayne Kady, Bill Michalak, Buck Mook, Frank Pascoe, Bill Porter, Bill Robinson, and Elya ‘Russ’ Russinoff, their ideas and work exemplify the influence post-war American culture has had around the world.





The stories and artwork in this series of short films are original. They have NEVER been heard or seen before. In many ways this is unbelievable, right? How can such masters have been allowed to go quiet for so long? Well, as with many great artists, sometimes not even appreciated in their lifetime, we should take the opportunity now to reflect and appreciate their contributions. Collectively, the designers are responsible for shaping the most important design creations & design ideas ever produced in America, vehicles so close to our hearts that have appeared in and inspired movies, songs and art for over 50 years. Relating their stories, Clasiq and Farmers Insurance hope that you enjoy them and appreciate the creators who dreamed and toiled for decades to bring you many of the classic cars we idolize today.

Farmers® understands the love that goes into maintaining a classic car. We have been committed to helping you protect what matters most for over 90 years. Our story began with a simple goal of insuring vehicles of rural farmers and as the world grew, we grew. Farmers was there when the current classics were the newest models, and we know that their upkeep can come with a lot of questions. We spoke with Mike Case and other auto restoration pros about what every classic car owner needs to know before starting their own restoration journey.

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