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Now you can watch all 10 of your favorite episodes from Season 1 right here on Clasiq! Focused on everyday stories from your car community we cover all kinds of owners and cars to give you an all round flavor for the amazing people that make it up. Check out the incredible cars we showcase for you, like Barry Weiss's original Lincoln (aka The Scrape) and hear Joe Berman has to say about what it's like to have your first date in a GOAT, or learn how long it takes and what it means to put together a genuine 107 year old car!


Think you've seen some cool cars in your time? Well thanks for waiting because we're back with a new season of classic car stories! Check out these amazing cars and personal stories from around the USA. From award winning Roadsters to custom Bel Airs, these beautifully shot episodes will have you dreaming about your favorite cars again in no time. Opening with the legendary Jack Pinsker and his 1928 Chrysler Roadster Model 72. Always a car guy, Jack restored this car himself from the parts of 3 cars. Then he would take the girls out and “wow” them with his friends... co-founder Charlie Rubin viewed a documentary, “American Dreaming”, about two and a half years ago on Detroit’s golden age of auto design, and how the art culture of the time influenced cars of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. Speaking about the film to PBS, Pontiac Design Studio Chief Bill Porter remarked, “The amount of art on the streets that was created at Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler was just unimaginable. There’s never been a culture  in history that had anything like that – not even...

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